side by side~Stop mouth breathing, AIUBE exercize

あいうべ(息育) マスコミ

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Efforts at Myanmar ~ Health guidance focusing on mouth

Dr. Nachi Satoko, who is working on medical activities in Myanmar, was televised at NHK World. I will also introduce it on this blog.

Nachi’s activities are called the Myanmar family clinic and garden .I write in English this time.




Dr. Satoko Nachi

Side by Side

Creating Healthy Villages Together: Myanmar
Broadcast on November 8, 2017
Myanmar has seen its economy boom in recent years, but that boom has yet to reach the 70% of the population in rural villages, who suffer poor sanitation and high child mortality. Enter Japanese doctor Satoko Nachi, whose non-profit visits villages to improve living conditions. The small team teaches tooth brushing, handwashing, trash disposal, the importance of clean water and even organic farming. Follow Nachi and her team as they support locals in taking responsibility for their own health.

This program was introduced like this on the NHK site.Unfortunately, there is no longer anymore.

I was able to see luckily:)

I will introduce Dr. Nachi’s activities in Myanmar with images.

This is a picture that was posted on the site. Dr. NACHI is doing health classroom.

A small girl living in the village is pronouncing “I”.

Dr. Nachi pronouncing “A” with a big mouth.

All the villagers put out a tongue. They say “BE.”

“They wash their hands. They Know how to maintain their health.” Dr Nachi said.

They know about hygeine.

Dr. Nachi said “The eventual goal is for us to disband.

We can do it on our own.

l show you some preventative measures focusing on the mouth. Residents gather at the temple for a lecture.

AIUBE exercise(Oropharyngeal exercises).

Dr. Nachi teaches mouth exercises(AIUBE exercise) these exercises build up muscle and saliva which in turn leads to less oral bacteria and fewer colds.
The group also teaches how to properly brush teeth. bold brushes are exchanged for new ones.

Dr.Nachi chooses as the strong words to encourage the woman to take responsibility for her health and that of her family.
Gun gou sues(their village) Community Health promoters to continue their work.

They hope to spread the teachings to other villages.

Dr. Nachi who set up her nonprofit to give back to Myanmar and work side-by-side with locals is seeing her efforts bear fruit.

The eventual goal is for us to disband.

For poeple to say”We know about hygiene.”

“We wash hands,we know how to maintain our health.”

“We can do it on our own.”

I am pleased to introduce wonderful activities.

Another thing, please let me introduce the activities of pediatric dentists in Myanmar.

He is Toshihide Matsumoto(dentist live in Fukuoka Pref.).

He dropped his dental clinic and started volunteering in Myanmar.

It is a kind heart dentist.

He also teaches washing hands, gargling and brushing teeth.

In addition to that, he is also instructing mouth exercises(AIUBE exercise).

This is his article introduced in a Japanese newspaper.

9/9/2016 Nishinihon Newspaper

Myanmar children are doing mouth exercises(AIUBE exercise).
Air is equally given to us humans on the planet.
We breath the air from nostril, I believe that more people will be cheerful by becoming nasal breathing.
This mouth exercises(AIUBE exercise) is an exercise that anyone can do for free.

Let’s do AIUBE exercise for your health life!


執筆・監修 内科医 今井一彰プロフィール

今井 一彰
1995年 山口大学医学部卒業 救急医学講座入局
2006年 みらいクリニック開業